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100 Deadliest Days and Creating a Safer World for Our Children

“During these 100 Deadliest Days, more teens die in the US due to car accidents than the annual total of soldier deaths during the heights of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Since PocketFinder’s founding nearly 15 years ago, we have worked to find solutions to put a permanent end to what’s known as the “100 Deadliest Days”. During the summer months, teen deaths linked to car accidents spike to over 1,000. And this is just deaths, not including all those injured and other damages caused. During these 100 Deadliest Days, more teens die in the US due to car accidents than the annual total of soldier deaths during the heights of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

And these are just the numbers during the summer. Looking at car accidents and deaths involving teens as a whole paints an even grimmer picture:

  • Most fatal teen accidents happen just 6 months after getting their license.
  • Teen drivers represent about 6.4% of total drivers but account for 8% of ALL fatal accidents. 
  • Up to 2,400 teens in the US are killed in car accidents annually 
  • Up to 258,000 teens are injured in car crashes annually, requiring emergency room visits
  • Car crashes ending with teen deaths result in nearly $4.8 BILLION in medical and work-loss costs annually

PocketFinder wants to be part of the solution in reversing teen driver related deaths and injuries 365 days a year. The only way to reverse the trend of teen driver related deaths and injuries is to take action that builds on itself. Reversing the trend of 100 Deadliest Days is the first step in creating a safer world for our children now out on the road.

The two biggest causes of these teen driver related deaths and accidents? Distracted driving and speeding.

PocketFinder’s latest solution, the “Teen Driver” Driver Behavior GPS Tracker is designed to face these causes head on. This compact, simple to use device utilizes the latest in science and technology for real time driver behavior feedback allowing your teen driver to continue honing their safe driving skills. It registers speeding, harsh braking and turns, and rapid acceleration. 

When these events occur, the device itself will beep to alert the driver that corrections to their driving need to be made, offering real-time feedback. For the parents and guardians monitoring, they receive a notification on their phone for reviewing with their teen driver back at home.

Solutions like the PocketFinder Teen Driver are ways for both young drivers to keep improving their driving skills and parents and guardians to have peace of mind while their loved ones are out on the road. 

Numerous studies show that teens whose parents set stipulations, paying attention to their activities in a helpful, supportive way, are about half as likely to be involved in a car crash. It’s about reminding them safe driving is not about perfection, it’s about their desire to be a safe driver for themselves and others. It shows they are willing to do their part for their community.

Looking to partner with PocketFinder regarding teen driver safety and 100 Deadliest Days? Reach out to Support at or become an affiliate HERE and help spread the word!

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