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LBT Fleet Tracking: Benefitting Any Size Business

In the world of GPS, vehicle tracking service for businesses is often focused on large fleets. The platforms and the features are designed for dispatchers managing hundreds- if not thousands- of drivers. And while that need can’t be ignored, small and mid-size businesses are often left in limbo. That’s where PocketFinder’s LBT Fleet tracking comes into play. Yes, it is designed to handle large fleets, but all the features also benefit small businesses who may only tracking a few vehicles. Every feature is capable of saving your business money and its time small businesses benefitted as well.  Streamlined Map Interface...

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3 Keys to a Successful Customer Service Experience

Everyone has been there- the dreaded call or email to customer support. Companies make you jump through hoops just to get a response back. Then, when you finally do, it’s like they weren’t paying attention to a word you said. Not only does frustration set in from not being heard, but you are still no closer to resolving the issue at hand. It’s not always this way, though. A customer service representative is your advocate while also balancing the health of the company. The support team is there to assist you directly and be the liaison to management and corporate....

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Tracking Loved Ones: Bluetooth vs. GPS

With so much technology available, purchasing the right tracker can sometimes feel overwhelming. As locating and tracking devices have improved over the years, it’s important to understand how they work in order to make the best decision for you and your family. In 2017, the CDC released a study that showed families of children with autism who used a tracking device reported improvements in quality of life. With an ever increasing “on-the-go” world, everyone deserves that peace of mind. Currently, the two main types of trackers you will see are Bluetooth and GPS. So, when it comes to your loved...

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For our USA, Canada and Mexico markets our original Personal/Pet and Senior devices run on the GSM wireless platform and our wireless carrier is AT&T. We chose GSM so that our trackers could be used throughout most of the world and our carrier is AT&T with their vast roaming partners. The new PocketFinder+ introduces a new global carrier and is also GSM technology. AT&T has been providing us information on their 2G turn down which has already affecting most every city here in the USA. AT&T has publicly said that they have turned down all US 2G towers by Jan 2017...

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How many cars are stolen each year?

In the United States, a car is stolen every 45 seconds. California has consistently led the United States in motor vehicle thefts, both in total vehicles stolen and thefts per capita. California experiences an estimated 443 stolen cars for every 100,000 residents. In 2012, stolen motor vehicles cost the state over $1 billion. Learn more at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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