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Seniors and the Benefits of ‘Digital Living Skills’

There is an unfortunate “technology gap” between generations. Younger generations know there is an expectation to help the seniors in their lives with electronics. As it turns out, seniors don’t want to be left behind and new technologies can greatly enhance their lives. They don’t want to consistently rely on others when it comes to technology. This presents an opportunity for support and encouragement that caters to their needs and comfort with technology.In the 10 years PocketFinder has been serving families and businesses, we’ve witnessed technology exceed expectations, especially when it comes to benefitting seniors. A recent study performed in Australia...

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PF+ Personal GPS: Battery Life While Indoors

While GPS trackers are designed for outdoor use, PocketFinder understands that much of our time is spent inside. We discussed the challenges of indoor GPS tracking in our last post. Luckily, PocketFinder has features built in to help combat drift scenarios. Likewise, using a GPS tracker indoors can result in the battery draining faster than it does when outdoors. Why is this? Simply put, the device always tries tracking via GPS first. If it is working hard to capture good GPS signals, then it will use more battery. If it can’t get good GPS signals, it will switch to “WiFi...

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GPS and Indoor Use: Drift and Maximizing Battery Life

Why does PocketFinder use GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation for location? Accuracy! While GPS is designed for outdoor use, people do spend time indoors-- this can be due to weather, general safety (seniors), or health reasons. Using GPS indoors increases the chances of Drift and quicker battery drain. This post will explore the location technologies, why drift happens, and what PocketFinder (PF) has in place to combat these scenarios.While reading this post, it is always important to remember GPS is designed for outdoor use. GPS satellites orbit the Earth and send signals down like laser pointers. So, when a...

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The Hidden Benefits of Fleet Tracking: Increasing Driver Accountability and Reducing Insurance Costs

GPS trackers are quickly becoming a necessity for any small business that utilizes work vehicles. With services like our FLEET system, GPS tracking is more than dots on a map. Over the past decade, LBT PocketFinder has continually upgraded and improved features that are designed to help improve your business. In our last Fleet blog, we provided an overview of the features provided. In this post, we will narrow our focus and explore how specific features will increase driver accountability as well as reduce insurance and other costs of that nature. Speed and Power Cut Alerts: Using Speed Alerts, you...

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LBT FLEET: Built to Improve Your Business and Cut Costs

GPS tracking is more than a location on a map. GPS tracking entails reports for past locate history, alerts for current activity, and features built to easily manage it all. With Location Based Technologies’ (LBT) FLEET system, you do just that. LBT is best known by our consumer brand name, PocketFinder. But when it comes to tracking and managing your drivers and assets, LBT FLEET will allow you to take full advantage of all GPS tracking has to offer. And of course, it is still at a much lower cost than other advertised fleet solutions. FLEET is best thought of as...

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