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“The outcome has been a global shortage affecting industries manufacturing cars, video game consoles, and GPS trackers like PocketFinder uses.” Watching the news or reading the paper, you have more than likely seen headlines about supply chain shortages. While supply chain issues are not unheard of, since 2020, there has been one supply chain with a consistent shortage - microchips. The outcome has been a global shortage affecting industries manufacturing cars, video game consoles, and GPS trackers like PocketFinder uses.  This is causing a shortage of products and increased prices - meaning consumers are directly affected.  In 2020, a global...

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Cellular Network Upgrades: LTE, 5G, and Beyond

“Within 2 years of the projected start date of the 3G network turndowns we replaced our  inventory with the newest GPS technology.” At its core, technology is about progress. Small-scale, we see this with software updates on mobile phones. Large-scale, we see this with events like CES where completely new technology is showcased to the public. In this spirit of progress, Cellular Providers/ Telecoms are always improving their networks- combining robust infrastructure with increasingly faster and more reliable connectivity speeds.  In the US and US Territories, we are seeing the cellular infrastructure improve in real time with the full release...

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PocketFinder GPS Tracking Vs. Air Tag Bluetooth Technology: Which Will Best Fit My Needs?

  Tracking technology for personal and business use is no longer taboo. As GPS, Bluetooth, and Wireless technologies have improved, so has the opinion of the average consumer. With personal tracking, your location data is your own and can be used to help keep an eye on at-risk loved ones, as well as personal and commercial assets.  So with all this new and very 21st century technology, how do you determine what will best fit your needs?  PocketFinder is here to explain the differences between these technologies in plain language so you can make the best decision for your use...

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Seniors and the Benefits of ‘Digital Living Skills’

There is an unfortunate “technology gap” between generations. Younger generations know there is an expectation to help the seniors in their lives with electronics. As it turns out, seniors don’t want to be left behind and new technologies can greatly enhance their lives. They don’t want to consistently rely on others when it comes to technology. This presents an opportunity for support and encouragement that caters to their needs and comfort with technology.In the 10 years PocketFinder has been serving families and businesses, we’ve witnessed technology exceed expectations, especially when it comes to benefitting seniors. A recent study performed in Australia...

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PF+ Personal GPS: Battery Life While Indoors

While GPS trackers are designed for outdoor use, PocketFinder understands that much of our time is spent inside. We discussed the challenges of indoor GPS tracking in our last post. Luckily, PocketFinder has features built in to help combat drift scenarios. Likewise, using a GPS tracker indoors can result in the battery draining faster than it does when outdoors. Why is this? Simply put, the device always tries tracking via GPS first. If it is working hard to capture good GPS signals, then it will use more battery. If it can’t get good GPS signals, it will switch to “WiFi...

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