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Mobility Management Systems: Going Above and Beyond the Industry Standards

At CES 2023 we heard important discussions about “”. In other words, GPS and tracking services like ours and what is needed for a secure and successful interface for users. PocketFinder has been bringing GPS solutions to families and businesses for over a decade. Over the years we have built a system and service that is secure, reliable, and easy to use no matter the model you are tracking with. 

Below is a breakdown of key areas that IoT professionals stated are needed for a successful Mobility Management System. And PocketFinder is proud to state we are already going above and beyond what those at CES 2023 recommended:

Battery Analytics - The System must offer “diagnostic intelligence with battery analytics'' so your mobile device (GPS tracker) does not “go dark” out of the blue. PocketFinder accomplishes this on multiple fronts. First, every time a device locates it provides the current battery level and this is saved in History so you have a record of the battery along with locations and time stamps. Second, personal GPS devices have a feature that alerts the account manager(s) when the battery reaches a specific level so you can plan out when it is charged next. For vehicle customers, they are alerted when constant power is cut off and when it is restored, helping not only with thefts but install issues.

Mobile App Integration - The System must offer a mobile app that is easy to use and provides total visibility for all tracking devices. PocketFinder’s mobile apps (iOS and Android) are not just easy to use, they are essentially carbon copies of the online interface. This means all tracking and account management (setting up features/ alerts) can be done directly from the app. Our apps (and entire interface) has improved over the years thanks to taking customer feedback to heart. This has allowed us to develop a system that allows for new customers to start using right away.

System Security - The System must be secure not only with the internal servers, but in the device itself to prevent hacking and data breaches. Again, PocketFinder is secure on multiple fronts with enhancements thanks to “Military Grade” security protocols. The first level is of the device itself and internal components, preventing any “hacking” of the internal SIM card or GPS/ WiFi modules. The “data pack” with location/ battery/ diagnostic details that is sent from the device to the servers is sent in a protected bubble, with the info also being a string of raw data. Our secure servers then are tasked with decrypting this packet of raw data and publishing for viewing on your secure online account and app. These secure servers are also where account data is stored and protected (account access, billing details).

From day one, PocketFinder has made security and ease of use for our customers the top priority. With these systems and features already implemented, PocketFinder is in a place where our continued growth will in no way negatively impact customers. In fact, these areas will only become more robust as security technology continues to improve at an exponential rate! 

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