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LBT Fleet Tracking: Benefitting Any Size Business

In the world of GPS, vehicle tracking service for businesses is often focused on large fleets. The platforms and the features are designed for dispatchers managing hundreds- if not thousands- of drivers. And while that need can’t be ignored, small and mid-size businesses are often left in limbo. That’s where PocketFinder’s LBT Fleet tracking comes into play. Yes, it is designed to handle large fleets, but all the features also benefit small businesses who may only tracking a few vehicles. Every feature is capable of saving your business money and its time small businesses benefitted as well. 

Streamlined Map Interface for 1 or 1,000 Devices

Whether you have only a few devices or an expansive fleet, the whole point of GPS is to quickly and efficiently see where your vehicles are. An interactive map automatically groups devices into regions as you zoom in and out. Various Search functions allow you to search for a device directly, address, or designated areas (city, state, region) of your choice. Know where your drivers are in a flash.

Ignition Reporting and Employee Time Management

LBT Fleet has several reports and direct History for downloading and reviewing. But one of the quickest accountability indicators is the Ignition Report. Not only can you quickly see engine on/ off time, you can also view idle time. Time management of vehicle on/ off and idling leads to gas savings that benefit a company of any size!  

Zone Bank and Company Accountability

The Zone Bank cuts down on the grunt work of making zones and adding them to multiple devices, saving time and money. Once set, the zone report is often used for company accountability. With several construction and contracting companies as clients, they find zone reports perfect as a timecard for entering and exiting job sites.


Tiered Account Access and Never Missing a Beat

LBT’s tiered Fleet access for tailored viewing and device management. While full admin access can be granted to anyone, having tailored and tiered sub accounts minimizes distractions as managers are only viewing and managing the devices they need to be. Tiered management means managers will never miss a beat because they take responsibility for the devices they have access to. And upper management can have oversight over multiple manager sub-accounts. Endless variations of access allows businesses of any size to benefit from Fleet.


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