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IoT Security Law

PocketFinder’s mission is to connect our customers with their loved ones and connect our business partners with their fleets securely. We know our customers expect their location info to be only for them to access. It is that extra layer of protection that adds to the peace of mind we provide those utilizing our GPS service. 

Starting January 1st, 2020, California’s new security law goes to an effect called the Internet of Things (IoT) Security Law, coinciding with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This new IoT security law dictates that any electronic device that is considered “connected” (uses the internet in some capacity to communicate) needs “reasonable security features” when performing these connections.

PocketFinder has been doing this since day one. While many have been vocal on the vagueness of the word “reasonable” in the new law, PocketFinder has continued to improve its layers of security and encryptions as the pace of technology has excelled.

When your PocketFinder device communicates wirelessly with our servers, that data has multiple levels of encryption. With each connection it makes with any of our servers, a unique multi-step login and password is required, or it will not connect; the same is true when signals connect with your device. While other companies consider this level of security secondary to initial profits and growth, PocketFinder launched with the foresight that any sensitive data must be protected for customer privacy and security. Our customers are caring for loved ones and trying to make their own businesses grow; you should not have to worry that your private location data can be accessed nefariously.

Many are predicting this law will set precedent for other states in the following years. You can be assured that PocketFinder has already gone above and beyond to ensure your data is secure and private.

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