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3 Keys to a Successful Customer Service Experience

Everyone has been there- the dreaded call or email to customer support. Companies make you jump through hoops just to get a response back. Then, when you finally do, it’s like they weren’t paying attention to a word you said. Not only does frustration set in from not being heard, but you are still no closer to resolving the issue at hand.

It’s not always this way, though.

A customer service representative is your advocate while also balancing the health of the company. The support team is there to assist you directly and be the liaison to management and corporate. These interactions should not be a struggle. PocketFinder’s award-winning Customer Service Team a proven commitment to listening to and understanding our customers’ needs, allowing for top-tier service. Here’s how we do it.

Timely Response

When you are in need of assistance, minutes can feel like hours. A timely response is key to showing that our customer’s time is important to us. We have a sense of urgency to serve you. A same day response- a same hour response –leads to more productive interactions and a quicker resolution. Not all support is 24/7 and that’s okay! PocketFinder’s support is standard business hours, but there are expectations and protocols in place so customers are not left in the dark. In the off hours, an automated response and interactive knowledgebase provides useful links and articles so you can review while waiting for a live person. During business hours, the goal is never leaving you waiting over an hour for a response; if a phone call is best, that’s what we’ll try first. The sooner a dialogue is set, the sooner the resolution.


You deserve to be heard about any and all troubles experienced with your product. You should not be cut off or spoken down to. Customer service’s job is to not only resolve any inquiries, but to embolden your peace of mind when it comes to the product and company. Attentiveness is not only shown through open ears from the beginning, but through precise follow up questions from support. This paints a full picture so the next steps can be implemented. Every case is unique. Every customer service experience should feel tailored for you because it is.

Knowledge & Protocol

Our customer support team knows the product/ service inside and out.We have seen and tested every variation of every issue. But every case is unique. That is why support promptly jumps to assist and gather all possible information to make the best diagnosis. But, because every case needs to be treated as unique, protocols are in place to rule out false theories. Protocols are often dreaded because it can feel like you are being talked to with a script, being asked the obvious or even seemingly irrelevant questions. But with proper protocol in place fueled by knowledge of

the product/ service, these specific steps lead to an accurate and timely resolution because it quickly narrows the focus.

These three values lead to positive customer engagement and support. At the end of the day, both want a positive resolution done in a reasonable time frame. A more positive customer interaction means not only word-of-mouth growth for the business, but an assured peace of mind for our customers. You know that in the event you need assistance, there is no cause for worry.

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