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The Hidden Benefits of Fleet Tracking: Increasing Driver Accountability and Reducing Insurance Costs

GPS trackers are quickly becoming a necessity for any small business that utilizes work vehicles. With services like our FLEET system, GPS tracking is more than dots on a map. Over the past decade, LBT PocketFinder has continually upgraded and improved features that are designed to help improve your business. In our last Fleet blog, we provided an overview of the features provided. In this post, we will narrow our focus and explore how specific features will increase driver accountability as well as reduce insurance and other costs of that nature.

Speed and Power Cut Alerts: Using Speed Alerts, you can set a “max” speed; when your device registers the vehicle driving faster than this, you will be alerted. These events are also stored in a downloadable report. Speeding risks driver injury, vehicle damage, and burns fuel less efficiently. These alerts will ensure that all drivers are being safe on the road. 

Power Cut Alerts occur when the power wire is cut or disconnected from power. These alerts will ensure you are notified if someone tries disabling the device to take the vehicle for an unauthorized drive or even in the event of a theft. While constant power may be cut, the device will still track for up to 4 hours so you can find the vehicle and resolve the situation. This reduces the risk of an employee being injured driving a company vehicle off hours.

60 Day Rolling History and Zone Reports: Location history can be viewed on a map or downloaded in event format. You can break history down by hour or view multiple hours at a time. Each location is stored for 60 calendar days, providing ample opportunity for review and download. This way you have a record of where each device was and when. 

Zones are geo-fences you set up so you can be alerted when the device enters and exits a specific area. Fleet allows you to download Zone history in a report for safe keeping. Zone reports and history reports come in handy when a client is disputing job hours. You have these reports to prove your employees were at the job site on time. With the way these reports are set up as well, they cannot be modified and hold up in court if disputes reach that level.

White Wire- PTO and Ignition Status Reporting: When using Fleet service, your vehicle tracker will have the option to use an additional wire for Ignition Status and PTO (power take off). Ignition reporting will record engine on & off times as well as idling duration. Consistently idling risks increased engine wear and tear. 

With PTO reports, you can have a record of every time the towing cable/ function was in use. Unfortunately, towing can happen in the off hours and is a big liability! Having the PTO report allows you to monitor and have an additional record of when and where towing jobs occurred. 

Tiered Account & Device Access: With Fleet, you can create sub-accounts that fall under your main administrative account. These sub accounts allow you to (1) choose what devices that user has access to and (2) if the access is “view only” or “administrative” (able to adjust settings/ features). So, you can build tiered access to create more accountability among managers and dispatchers. With the way these accounts are designed it is also easy to change access if teams shift around or new managers are brought on.

We can go on and on about our features, but the best evidence is first-hand testimony. Shortly after installing and activating their vehicle trackers, the Green Gang had a break-in! One of their vehicles with a trailer full of horticulture equipment was stolen. Within 30 minutes of discovering the theft, they not only had the current location and tracking history, the authorities were also on the way to recover the stolen property. Before they knew it, their vehicle and trailer were back in their possession. 

While the intended purpose was for coordination and logistics, having our GPS trackers and system allowed for quick vehicle recovery when an unanticipated theft occurred. Having the features our Fleet system provides will make sure you are covered in situations you may have never thought of.

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