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LBT FLEET: Built to Improve Your Business and Cut Costs

GPS tracking is more than a location on a map. GPS tracking entails reports for past locate history, alerts for current activity, and features built to easily manage it all. With Location Based Technologies’ (LBT) FLEET system, you do just that. LBT is best known by our consumer brand name, PocketFinder. But when it comes to tracking and managing your drivers and assets, LBT FLEET will allow you to take full advantage of all GPS tracking has to offer. And of course, it is still at a much lower cost than other advertised fleet solutions. 

FLEET is best thought of as additional features designed for businesses looking for the full benefits of GPS. This means the consumer features come standard for all FLEET users. This includes unlimited GPS locates, unlimited devices on your account, unlimited zones, power cut alerts, and speed alerts. Along with this there is a 60 day rolling history and downloadable reporting for each device where you can view previous tracking on a map or in event format.

But these are just the basics. While these features will make routine business easier, it is FLEET that provides you with the tools to go forward with any changes that need to be made to improve logistics, align management, reallocate vehicles, and cut costs.

White Wire-- With the vehicle tracker properly hardwired and installed, a third wire can be connected to record engine on/off times as well as idling time. As you will read below, you can download reports of the white wire activity for each driver. This allows you to see how long vehicles idle during times like lunch breaks. If a driver is staying in the vehicle for lunch and running the A/C or heat, that burns fuel and increases costs. With the White Wire, you can zero in on this issue and ensure your vehicles maintain proper fuel consumption. 

With White Wire, business owners like Stanley Cooper were able to convert this data into fuel savings of over $300!

Zone Bank-- For consumers, zones are device specific. This means if you have 10 trackers, you have to make that Homebase zone 10 times. But with FLEET, the Zone Bank allows you to make the zone once then assign it to any device on your account. You can then download reports to see zone activity by specific zone or device.

So, if you have work vehicles that employees take home overnight and they take the vehicle out for personal use, you can be alerted and have that data stored in a report. Thus, allowing quick actions to be taken and changes made.

Business owners like Barry use Zones so they know for a fact all vehicles and assets are where they are supposed to be at the end of the day. While Kathy uses Zones to ensure her customers are safe and stay away from “No Go” areas.

Reports-- Along with the White Wire and Zone reports, there is Daily Activity which records Start and Stop times. The Speed report records every time a device sends a speed alert. And the PTO report is often utilized by tow truck companies to record when the tow cable is in use. 

With these and the several other reports, you can better manage your vehicles and driver behavior to ensure that not only logistics are smooth, but fuel costs are reduced.

Jason relies on reports for both weekly and monthly data for his pest control company.

Manage Sub Accounts-- For consumers, your team logs in with one administrative credential. But with FLEET, you can build a network of tiered sub accounts and choose whether they have administrative or “view only” access. This allows you to set up each manager with their own administrative access and only monitor specific devices. You can then have supervisors beneath them have their own credentials to then only view specific devices, and so on. This tiered access is utilized by all size businesses as it is one more tool for accountability. 

LBT is proud to serve a diverse group of businesses and consumers. Serving so many from all backgrounds and various needs has allowed us to develop our FLEET system into what it is today. Our hope is that you will find features you may not have known existed but will be vital for your business. GPS tracking should pay for itself. With LBT FLEET, you’ll have the tools to make that possible. Check here to see if LBT FLEET will pay for itself for your business.

Our full Standard Service is $12.95 a month per device or a discounted Annual Prepay of $129.

Fleet Service is $15.95 a month per device or a discounted Annual Prepay of $175.

Questions? Unsure which service is best for you and want to do a FLEET trial? You can contact Support HERE with your inquiry and receive a timely, detailed response from our in-house, US based team.

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