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PocketFinder OBD GPS


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Now is the perfect time to be proactive and continue your new driver’s development. 

PocketFinder’s objective is to motivate parents to action when it comes to the safety of our teen drivers. We are dedicated to providing an effective solution to help shape good driving behaviors and habits that save lives.

PocketFinder’s "Teen Driver" tracking solution is a high-value tool for both parents and teen drivers. Driver’s Ed may have ended, but there is still more to learn. Now, you as a parent can virtually “be in the car” with your new driver. They receive real-time behavior correcting beeps; you receive alerts to then provide context and further coaching to help sharpen life-saving skills.


  • No Installation Required – Simply plug Teen Driver into the port under the steering column of your vehicle
  • Monitor Current Location, Location / Alert History, Zone Alerts
  • Driver Behavior Alerts: Harsh Turns, Rapid Acceleration & Hard Braking
  • Speed Alerts when exceeding set 5, 10, or 15 mph over the posted speed limit


  • Instant Refocus – An audible “beep” with harsh turns and harsh acceleration / breaking instantly provides your teen with “in-the-moment” feedback, refocusing them on good driving behavior
  • Deflect Peer Pressure – Teens can be tempted by friends and classmates to drive where they shouldn’t, speed, or worse. Now, your teen can “blame” their safe driving decision on us, alerting you to any questionable driver behavior!
  • Regular FeedBack – Specific driving behavior feedback with the context of location, timing, and speed

Included in Box:

  • PocketFinder "Teen Driver" Tracker Unit
  • Setup & Plug-In Installation  Guide 
    • Android / iOS Mobile Apps - FREE Online
    • Requires monthly service plan - $14.95USD in US, Canada & Mexico

If you love it locate it!™

Try it for 30 days and if PocketFinder "Teen Driver" Tracker isn't what you are looking for, return it hassle free, with full device cost refund. No contracts with service plan. Our US customer service team is ready to serve you!

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